Comment - Wine - The Losh Cause

Comment - Wine - The Losh Cause

99r8这是只有精品视频20By: Chris Losh

Chris Losh looks at the latest issues affecting the global wine industry.

How is the coronavirus hitting the wine industry? - comment 9 Apr 2020

Every industry is being severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. In wine, the sales channels have been battered while production also has battles to fight. Category commentator Chris Losh surveys the wreckage.

Why has wine failed to educate the consumer on price? Ask Jacob's Creek - comment 12 Mar 2020

As former Diageo CEO Paul Walsh once told just-drinks: "They say, in wine, a fool and his money are easily parted." Unfortunately, for the wine category, the consumer is no fool. Chris Losh looks at Pernod Ricard's attempts to move?Jacob's Creek up the value chain and finds a brand struggling under the weight of consumer perception.

Will Australia's bushfires bring on wine industry burn-out? - comment 6 Feb 2020

This year started with Australia dominating the news headlines. Chris Losh considers what the country's bushfire crisis has done - and will continue to do - to Australia's wine producers.

What's coming up in wine in 2020? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - comment 7 Jan 2020

99r8这是只有精品视频20This month, our category commentators are lining up to share with us their thoughts on how 2020 will shape their respective sectors. Here's Chris Losh, our wine expert, with his take on the year ahead.

What challenges face the lower-abv wine segment? - Comment 19 Nov 2019

99r8这是只有精品视频20While the efforts of brewers and distillers to create products with lower alcohol content are well-known, the wine industry has garnered far fewer such headlines. This month, category commentator Chris Losh looks at the difficulties affecting not only the production of 'lighter wine' but also the consumers' uptake of the concept - despite their purported interest.

Where should wine focus to buck the on-premise trend? - Comment 8 Oct 2019

These are strange times for the on-premise channel, particularly when it comes to wine. Category commentator Chris Losh takes a look at one area of the on-premise channel that is in rude health, but it's an area full of challenges for the wine industry.

Why do consumers find wine so... boring? - Comment 3 Sep 2019

99r8这是只有精品视频20Our resident wine commentator, Chris Losh, has spent some time on 'the other side'. He's returned from his recent visit to the spirits world armed with some challenging advice for the wine trade.

Why the wine consumer is getting angry and what you should do about it - Comment 9 Jul 2019

99r8这是只有精品视频20Climate change is having a seismic effect on the global wine industry, but not only in the vineyards. Chris Losh believes consumer sentiment towards companies is also taking a hit from freak weather spates.

Wine's uphill struggle with the health & wellness trend - Comment 6 Jun 2019

99r8这是只有精品视频20This month, category commentator Chris Losh has some worrying news for the wine industry. The rising preference among consumers for drinks that do them good at best and cause no harm at worst is a train that is leaving the station. And, wine risks being stuck on the platform.

How the wine industry can surf the waves of consumer change - Comment 7 May 2019

99r8这是只有精品视频20Chris Losh has been around long enough to know 'category change' when he sees it. As a wine commentator, however, he hasn't had too much change to report on. Until now.

Wine - Get your head out of the sand, get with the can - Comment 2 Apr 2019

The times, they are a-changing. As newer consumers consider what to drink, Chris Losh suggests the answer for wine is already here - provided the category can get away from its obsession with glass bottles.

Why is wine getting more complicated in an age of simplicity? - Comment 5 Mar 2019

In his latest missive for just-drinks, wine commentator Chris Losh voices his concerns about what he sees as the over-complication of the category at a time when consumers are craving less detail, not more.

How to adapt to changing trends in wine - A case-study - Comment 5 Feb 2019

The wine category has long had a reputation for being too slow to react to changing trends, both among consumers and within the industry. Chris Losh highlights a bold move to right these wrongs, from - of all places - France.

What's coming up in wine in 2019? - Predictions for the Year Ahead - Comment 10 Jan 2019

99r8这是只有精品视频20This month, our category commentators are lining up to share with us their thoughts on how 2019 will shape their respective sectors. Here's Chris Losh, our wine expert, with his take on the year ahead.

Why water will be more important than wine in the years ahead - Comment 13 Nov 2018

Changes to the global climate have long had an effect on wine producers. Recent extremes, however, have upped the ante. Wine commentator Chris Losh considers the drought-affected landscape of today, and warns of how the situation will likely deteriorate tomorrow.

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